Friday, September 23, 2016

Harvest Orange

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The leaves start changing into beautiful orange, red, yellow colors.  The cools down to a perfect temperature.  Lets not forget pumpkin and apple everything.  I also. love dressing for the fall because I am a fan of layers and well, you just can layer in the summer.  Here is my transition in to fall outfit.
My orange top is a tunic from Old Navy.  The top is made out of light weight cotton material and it is perfect for the transition from summer to fall.  The retail cost is 26.94 but I was able to catch a one day sale when these tops were $10.00 each

My capris are cuffed capris by Simply Vera at Kohl's.  The capris do have stretch to them so they fit very comfortably.  The retail cost of these jeans are $50.00.  I purchased these pants for $20.00 during one of Kohl's many sales.

Now to my favorite of my outfit.  THE SHOES!!!! The name of the bootie Tracey from   This bootie is so comfortable and I love the lace up detail.  There is a zipper in the back which makes the shoes easier to put on.  The retail cost of this shoe $49.00.  The price I paid was $39.00 which is still better than the same shoe from Nordstrom's for $88.00
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-Stylish Gal Carryn-

Thursday, September 22, 2016

No White After Labor

You know that old saying "Don't wear white after labor".  So I'm rebel and I go against the grain.  I love the color white and I wear it all year long.  If we couldn't, then why would we have a color called winter white, right?  Let me get into the details of this quick cute outfit.

The white peplum top is from New York and Company.  Unfortunately the top is no longer on the website.  The material is polyester and its so soft and comfortable to wear.  This top is also perfect for layering if you want to add and cardigan over it.  The retail cost of this top is $39.99 but as usually I am always looking for a sale and was able to snag this top for $15.00.
The jeans I am wearing are the pork chop skinny jeans by faded glory from Walmart.  This jeans have a stretch cotton material which provides comfort while wearing.  The retail cost of the jeans are $14.44 and I did pay retail cost

My shoes are Allegra from  This is a mini platform shoe.  The heel height is 5 inches.  Once the shoes are broken in, they are very comfortable.  The retail cost of the shoe is $49.00.  I purchased these shoes during a sale and they cost me $19.99.

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-Stylish Gal Carryn-

Monday, September 19, 2016

Just Fabulous

JustFab (an online company known mostly for there shoes) sent me this dress to review.  I am a Brand Ambassador for the company and I'm always happy to try out a new product and share with the company my thoughts.  Well I decided I would wear JustFab from head to toe when I completed my review.  Let me share with you the details of my outfit.
The dress is Faux Placket Shirt Dress from  The material of the dress is polyester and the designs gives it a 70s feel to it.  This dress is very comfortable.  The length of the dress is 38 inches, so it is work appropriate.  The retail cost of this dress is $54.95 but if you become a VIP member, the dress is $39.95.  JustFab does run sales are well, so if you a VIP member they will send you emails to alert you to the sales. 
The bag is Martin.  This is an oversized leather bag which great for carrying everything you could possibly need for the day.  It would be a perfect carry on bag for traveling.  I absolutely love this bag.   I have a small obsession with big bags because they are stylish and great for making sure I have everything I need.  The retail cost of this bag is $59.95.  I was able to purchase this bag during one of their sales and the amount I paid was $20.
Maryann is the name of the strappy sandals I am wearing.  The height of the heel is 4 inches but the chunky heel allows for comfortable walking.  There is a zipper on the back of the shoe, so you just slide your foot in and zip of the back and you don't have to worry about fussing straps and buckles.
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-Stylish Gal Carryn-


Friday, September 16, 2016

Lime Light

Like everyone else, I trying to enjoy what is left of summer but also make that transition to fall.  Here's an outfit that still has the pop of color but will warm enough for the cooler nights.  Let me share with you the details.

The denim jacket was thrifted from the Salvation Army and the brand is Gap.  The jacket is in great condition and fits perfectly.  Since the jacket was thrifted, I do not know the original retail price but the cost at the Salvation Army was $11.99.  The day I made the purchase, the store was running half off a specific colored tag,  The jacket had the sale color tag and I was able to snag the jacket for $5.99.
The neon green dress is from Old Navy (unfortunately cannot find dress or comparable dress on website).  The dress is made out of a soft jersey material that makes the dress very comfortable to wear.  The original retail cost 26.94 but I was able to can one of Old Navy many sales and the amount I paid for the dress was $10. 
My fuschia shoes are Monika from (no longer in fuschia).  The heel is 4,5 inches.  With a heel that high, the shoes are comfortable once broken in.  The retail cost of these shoes are $49.00.  I purchased these shoes during a JustFab Sale and I paid $19.95.
Lastly, The clutch is a Stylish Gal Carryn original.  I am currently taking and online sewing to learn how to design and create my own clothing and accessories.  The clutch is one of the items we learned to make in the class.  I love the progress that I am making in this class.
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-Stylish Gal Carryn- 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Subscription Boxes

Have you ever wanted to try a newly released beauty product but you don't want to spend money on the item for fear you may not like it or do you want to remain in the know for current beauty trends and new companies.  Subscription boxes are a good way to try a new product and it exposes you to different brands and companies.  There are subscription boxes for just about anything you may be into (i.e. gamer boxes, art boxes, reading boxes, and so on).  Let me share with you some of the boxes I subscribe to.
Allure Box
The Allure Beauty Box is a subscription box from Allure magazine.  The box runs $15 a month for deluxe sample sizes.  The box samples include makeup, hair, and skin care products.  I've received products from Wet-N-Wild to Garnier to La Mer.   So, this box exposes to brands from drug store to high end.  The total cost of the products in this box ranges from $50-$75.  I've been getting this box for a couple of months, and so far I've enjoyed everything I have received.
BoxyCharm is a $21 monthly subscription box.  With this box, they send out full size samples of products.  The total cost of the products in the box range from $100-$150.  I've been receiving this box over a year and I can honestly says it one of the best boxes I have ever received.  I'm never disappointed.  The BoxyCharm boxes have introduced me to new brands I've never heard of, for example Dirty Little Secret.  If I could only get one box, I would definitely get this one.
Ipsy Glambag
The Ipsy Glambag is a $10 a month subscription bag.  This bag sends out deluxe sample size products in a different designer makeup bag.  This bag mostly contains high end products.  The total cost of the products in this bag is $50-$75.   If you are interested in try new products but don't want the full size. 
Lip Monthly
Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription bag that is dedicated just to lip products.  The subscription cost is $12.95 monthly. This bag has exposed me to different products that I never knew existed.  The total cost of the products in the bag ranges from $50-$75.  If you are obsessed with lip products as I am, then this is the perfect bag for you.
Birchbox is a $10 monthly subscription box that is comparable to the Ipsy bag.  This box contains high end products and the price of the box ranges from $50-$75 in total cost of products.  My honest review on this box is that it is hit or miss.  Some months I get the a really good box and then there are months that I am underwhelmed.  This box is good for providing samples of new products.
So, that's all for the subscription boxes that I am subscribed to, but if you go to www.mysubscriptionaddiction,com you find the best box suited for you.  Thanks for checking out my blog and check back often for new blog posts.  Also, please check me out on Instgram and Facebook at stylishgal_on _a_budget or follow me on Snapchat under the name Stylishgal Carryn.  Until next time, Stay Stylish!
-Stylish Gal Carryn-


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who Wears Short Shorts

As Summer is winding down (I can't believe it is September already),  I wanted to share some of my fave summer shorts outfits.  I love the versatility of shorts.  They can be dressed up for a night on the town or just worn casual for a day in the park.  Let me show you a couple of outfits I wore this summer.
Date Night

The top I am wearing is from NY&Co.  It is just a simple black tee shirt but the sequin lips glams up the shirt a bit.  This top retails for 22.95, but I was able to snag this top for $10 during one of their summer sales.

The shorts I am wearing are from Kohl's,  I could not find the exact pair of shorts but I did attach a link to a pair that are similar.  The brand of the shorts are Apt 9 and they retailed for $44.95.  If you don't know Kohl's runs sales every weekend or pretty much everyday.  I was able to purchase these shorts for $20 during one of their many sales.
My shoes are Tavia from  I just love the cut out detail of this shoe.   Its made out of a faux suede material,  These shoes are very comfortable considering they are a stiletto.  The shoe retails for $49.00,but because I am a VIP member,  I was able to get them for $20 during one of their sales.
Casual Stroll
The shirt I am wearing is an Old Navy plaid blouse that I thrifted from the Salvation Army.  It was in great condition when I purchased it.  There are a lot of great pieces at the Thrift Stores.  That saying is true..."One man's trash is another man's treasure."  I do not know what the original retail value for the top was but I was able get it for $3.00
The white shorts were purchased from The shorts are great quality.  I wore the quite often during the summer and they are still in amazing shape.  The original retail price for the shorts was $16,50.  But I was able to score them for $10,00.
My Shoes are from Target.  They resemble the Converse look without the Converse price.  I purchased these shoes for $19.99.

Brunch Outfit
My denim shirt is from  I love this shirt.  Even though it is long sleeved, its light weight, so its perfect for the earlier morning  or evening chill of summer.  Its also great for transitioning from summer to fall and winter to spring.  The retail value for this denim top is $13.50,  I did pay full retail price but it I still faired better that comparable prices for the same top.

The red shorts are from New York & Co.  I love the vibrant red color of the shorts, which is perfect for summer.  The original retail price is $39.95, but I was able to purchase these shorts for $16.00 during an online sale.

Lastly, these cork wedges were purchased from Dots (a clothing apparel store no longer in business).  I've had these wedges for a couple of years but they are still my fave.  Unfortunately I do not remember the cost but if you interest in these wedges there are similar shoes sold online at JustFab or Shoedazzle.  If you become a member, the cost of the shoes average $39.95.
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-Stylish Gal Carryn-

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Funday

Sunday has to be one of the best days of the week.  Yeah, I know its the day before Monday, but its a day most people get to relax and mentally prepare themselves for weekend ahead.  Sunday is the day that my girlfriends and I meet up and go out to brunch.  I will share with you one of the casual outfits I would wear out to brunch.
Outfit Details:
Top:  This Sunday Funday Graphic Tee is a shirt that I created on the website  I love to wear graphic tees, so I was extremely excited when I found this website wear I could customize my own t-shirt.   The shirts retail anywhere from $15-30 depending on how detail or the cost of the design you choose to use.  I don't mind paying $25 dollars for a graphic t-shirt that is exactly what I wanted.  Also, the more t-shirts you purchase at one time, the company offers a discounted price.  This makes the price of each shirt to decrease.
Jeans:  The jeans are Lee jeans that I purchased from the Salvation Army.  I wanted a pair of jeans that I could distress and create a worn look but I didn't want to pay a lot of money for jeans I was just going to destroy anyways.  These jeans cost me around $5 and it cost nothing to distress them because I owned everything I need at home, which is a pair of scissors and tweezers,  I will do a future blog on distressing/destroying jeans.
Shoes:  The shoes are Raziel from Shoedazzle.  Everyone who is close to me knows I'm absolutely obsessed with anything glitter, so of course when I saw these shoes.... I had to have them.  Raziel is pump that has gold glitter starting at the toe and then transitions into black glitter at the heel of the shoe.  Just wear these shoes with a pair of jeans takes the whole outfit style up a notch.  The retail value is $39.95 if you are a VIP member for
Bag:  I purchased this weaved clutch from Ebay.  This clutch is so roomy, it can carry all of you necessary essentials for an afternoon out with the girls.  I purchased my bag for $25 on ebay.  Unfortunately I couldn't find the link for the seller I purchased from, but the beauty of Ebay is there is always multiple vendors selling the same item and competing in price for business.
Blazer:  I purchased this cotton blazer from  I added the blazer for possible cooler days, maybe early spring or fall brunch.  The blazer is casual enough to throw on with the outfit and walk out the door.
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